Philips Aluline 6434 20W 12V R37 FR 18D BA15d (mat)

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Philips Code 6435FR

ANSI Code Halogen GBF

Cap-Base BA15d

Cap-Base Information 19

Bulb R37 [R 37mm]

Bulb Finish Frosted

Operating Position any [Any or Universal (U)]

Life to 50% failures 2000 hr

Nominal Lifetime 2000 hr

Rated Lifetime (hours) 2000 hr

Rated Lifetime (years) 2 an

Beam Angle 32 D

Beam Angle Technical 32 D

Luminous Intensity 750 (max) cd

Color Rendering Index 100 Ra8

Color Temperature 3000 K

Color Temperature Technical 3000 K

Rated Luminous Flux 235 Lm

LLMF - end nominal lifetime 80 (min) %

Rated Beam Angle 32 D

Luminous flux in 90° cone 235 Lm

Rated Wattage 20.0W

Lamp Wattage 20W

Lamp Wattage Technical 20.0W

Power Factor 1 -

Voltage 12V

Lamp Current 1.67 A

Dimmable Yes

Starting Time 0.0 s

Warm-up Time to 60% Light Outp instant full light

Energy Efficiency Label (EEL) B

Energy consumption kWh/1000h 21 kWh

Switching cycle 8000X

Cap-Base Temperature 350 (max) C

Bulb Temperature 250 (max) C

Overall Length C 41 (max) mm

Diameter D 38 (max) mm

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